Crisis & Reputation Management

Express Strategies will step in, work shoulder-to-shoulder with senior executives, and provide strategic advice and specific steps to help you respond to an immediate crisis of public proportions and turn crises into opportunities.  

We will share with you not what you want to hear, but what you need to know, offering insight, perspective and experience key to maintaining or reasserting a well-earned reputation.  Often it is what you don’t say that is as important as what you do say – and actions often do speak louder than words.  

We will assist organizations in handling tough issues, sustaining or rebuilding credibility and trust, and reaffirming what your audience, customers or clients believed in the first place when they became associated with your organization.  

Should a reputational crisis occur, Express Strategies will help you pivot past the immediate concerns by addressing them effectively and bring the focus back to the future.

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Choose Words Carefully, They Will Linger
In a world where what you say will determine your future, it's best to take care with your words.Once said or sent — today more than ever — words last forever. They can be apologized for, but they cannot be unsaid.
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What to Do When Bad News Explodes
Just think about BP during the Gulf oil spill in 2010. Millions of gallons of crude oil gushed unchecked into pristine waters, day after day, week after week. If there was a public opinion survey in the weeks after the spill, what would it have found?  Answer: 70 percent said BP handled it poorly.
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Four Step Crisis Recovery Plan
The organizational crisis has exploded, immediate responses have been issued, the dust has begun to settle and the aftermath has begun -- which means that the work to bring the organization’s good name back to anything approaching its previous heights is just beginning.
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