Project Management

Express Strategies can work collaboratively with your organization in a leading or supportive role to strengthen your efforts to manage critical projects smoothly and productively.  

With the organizational experience and temperament to build relationships and build trust, and a commitment to upholding the highest standards of integrity and honesty, Express Strategies can work to ensure effective and open lines of communication among key project participants, and timely notice of key markers throughout the project plan.  

With an acute awareness of the importance of communication, both inside and outside an organization, in the implementation of any project pivotal to an organization’s progress and success, Express Strategies combines detail-oriented, nuts-and-bolts oversight skills with big picture, overview perspective.  It is a winning combination and strong asset for your organization.

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Walking Does Wonders At Work, Beyond
Now, amidst a steady stream of technological innovations and life-changing breakthroughs, it seems that walking around is making a comeback, for managers and many others.
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Six Benefits of Collaboration
Collaborative initiatives between organizations develop for any number of reasons, but are often limited to a single project or purpose.  The benefits of collaboration, however, can be considerably greater, and need not be unnecessarily limited.  There are potentially six “secret” benefits of collaboration.
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