Partnership & Policy Development


Express Strategies will work with you to develop a network of strategic partners on projects and initiatives – formally or informally – to help extend awareness of your work and bring mutual benefits to everyone involved in the collaboration.  

Recognizing common interests among organizations – ranging from businesses, associations and foundations to nonprofits, educational institutions and advocacy groups - is a core competency of Express Strategies, and we will help you realize and utilize relationships that can help your organization achieve its objectives.

Whether connecting organization leaders, extending opinion leader outreach and awareness or supporting grassroots mobilization and messaging, Express Strategies can work with you to develop partnerships with purpose.

Express Strategies is a proud Connecticut business, working with organizations and initiatives that make a difference in our communities.

Policy development

Policy development by organizations working with public constituencies or in the public marketplace are well advised to consider the ramifications of their actions, both real and perceived, by specific clients or customers as well as the public-at-large.

Express Strategies provides expertise in the public implications of organizational decisions, working with clients to consider and evaluate the likely cause-and-effect in constituencies including the media, social media activists, business competitors and similar organizations occupying the same professional space.  

Consideration of the impact of various policy choices, and evaluation of media strategy, message development, advocacy campaigns and marketplace positioning can be more productive prior to locking in on a policy decision, rather than playing catch up afterwards.  

Turn to Express Strategies to help guide your efforts.

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